Dé Dannan being of the family of Danú the goddess of earth

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Our aim is to get our passion for plants and nature through our displays. The Garden has and will continue to play such an important role in our lives. Now more than ever with technological advances the garden can be that space to ground and to lift us.  Our Gardens have so many health benefits for us through the herbs and vegetables we grow, the clean air the plants provide or just working our hands in the soil is benefical mentally and physically. There are also a form of expression and creativity with so many different textures, scents, colours and lighting it is like a canvas. Claude Monet world famous French artist once said “ My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece’’

With our Designs there so much more than the standard evergreen shrubs that are not only boring but do not help our polilinators. Our designs change with the seasons. Each Garden is designed uniquely taking in the customers needs, wants and interests.  In our team we have Landscaper designer, horticulturist and years of landscape experience. We are based in Glenroe, Co. Limerick a rural parish nestled in the Ballyhoura mountains. The Name De Dannan is steeped in Irish Folklore and mythology with De Dannan being of the family of Danú the goddess of earth. Our symbol is the celtic tree of Life.

Plants Available To Purchase online - www.poppyparcels.ie

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