Garden Types



A formal garden design adds a feel of perfection. This garden style is ideal for the executive. It creates a feel of balance. Use our expertise to transfer your personality into a formal garden design.

Formal gardens are one of our favorite styles. It is beautiful, neat and visually pleasing due to its architectural concept. Formal gardens are not difficult to maintain. A well planned formal garden requires minimal effort.

Formal Garden Characteristics


A formal garden is easily recognized by:

  • Perfect mirrored symmetry (both sides identical)
  • Hedges are clipped
  • Some plants are in matching tubs
  • Everything is perfectly balanced and in proportion
  • Right angled geometry is used
  • Hedged vistas are punctuated with an accessory
  • Boundaries are stone balustrade or wrought iron
  • Furniture is classic


30 April 2019


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